Student Experience
lifecycle management in higher education

Navigating Student Choices

A comprehensive, cohesive and personalized approach to enhancing the student experience - one that encompasses all programs,
counselling, scholarships, fee waivers, priority admission processing and every section of
the student experience lifecycle management in higher education.

Product Catalog

Program Catalog

Academic program and campus catalogs make it easy for students to match their career ambitions and eligibilities. Determine the size of the university, academic strength, programs offered, location, academic requirements and more.

This includes, the ability to access education collaterals from any where and any time.

  • Academic program catalogs – Online & offline
  • Presentation and preparation for student counseling
  • Program categorization, fees, sponsorships, etc.
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Student Counselling

Provide a comprehensive view to help advisors stay on top mentoring & counseling students reach their goals.

  • Schedule online & on-field meetings from anywhere & anytime
  • Tag relevant programs, fee structures, scholarships, waivers, elligibities, etc
  • Easy-to-navigate course catalog and student elligibility capabilities
  • Single-page access to critical data an advisor/mentor/tutor needs
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Enrollment Management

Power the enrollment process with application processing workflow.

  • Application that meets the unique needs of your institution
  • Show applicants where they are in the application process
  • Streamline the process of requesting and submitting recommendations
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Reports and analytics

Real-time visibility into admission recruitment processes, so you can focus your energy where it counts.

  • Institution dashboards, prospect ratings, and out-of-the-box reports
  • Access detailed, at-a-glance reporting by recruiter, region, and campaign
  • Direct recruitment insights based on what’s working best
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