FieldSalesPro for Counseling & Student Experience in Higher Education to be listed on Oracle Cloud Marketplace

FieldSalesPro for Higher Education, now extends its Student Experience Management solutions to Oracle Marketplace. This mobile app solution for Oracle Sales Cloud, will enable seasoned students’ counselors to transform to students’ companion.

San Francisco, CA, 20 September, 2016 - CRMIT Solutions, a pioneer in customer experience solution including mobility and visualization, today announced the launch of FieldSalesPro for Higher Education (Oracle Sales Cloud). This mobile solution was announced in the backdrop of Oracle OpenWorld 2016, which is one of the biggest tech events currently underway. FieldSalesPro will also be available on Oracle MarketPlace.

Oracle Sales Cloud users can now explore this extended edition of FieldSalesPro, an industry specific solution on higher education to streamline student’s counseling & enrollment experience, within and outside the university campus. This mobile app solution will also enable seasoned students’ counselors to transform to students’ companion.

FieldSalesPro for Higher Education

FieldSalesPro for Higher Education, which can seamlessly integrate with Oracle Sales Cloud and leverage the wide range of functionalities, encompasses all academic programs, counseling workflows, scholarships, fee waivers, priority admission processing and sections of the student experience lifecycle management in higher education. Academic program and campus catalogs make it easy for students to match their career ambitions and eligibilities. It helps determine the size of the university, academic strength, programs offered, location, academic requirements and more. This also includes students counseling workflow to help advisors stay on top of mentoring & counseling students. The enrollment process powers the application that meets the unique needs of your institution, show applicants where they are in the application process, streamline the process of requesting and submitting recommendations.

Oracle Cloud Marketplace not only offers an intuitive user interface to browse and search for available applications and services but also provides user ratings and reviews to help customers determine the best business solutions for their organization.

“With the reshaping of the higher education market, institutions are increasingly having to compete for students and struggle to enroll and acquire them. As such, universities are looking for new ways to engage students by adapting to their changing needs and expectations. Therefore, university decision makers are aiming to gain heightened understanding and perform the necessary adjustments in a timely manner to achieve the desired student experience. The mobility solutions implemented by higher education institutions must meet the needs of this mobile generation while cost-effectively addressing the requirements of their universities and academic institutions." explained
Naga Chokkanathan, CTO – FieldSalesPro.

About FieldSalesPro™

FieldSalesPro for Higher Education is a desktop and mobile solution to enable education counselors accelerate their field engagements with students. The application organizes information such as universities, campuses, programs, eligibility, availability, fees, students, meetings and applications, thereby improving efficiency of program presentations, application management and other counseling processes.

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FieldSalesPro is a registered trademark of CRMIT Solutions

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