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This eBook provides you the many ways in which you can get the most out of your time during customer meetings with practical tips on sales meeting effectiveness that you can apply to your sales team. This allows you to discover how to make your business grow faster.

So What’s The Book About?

This free eBook contains the key for unlocking your field sales potential and to increasing your sales revenue. Tips provided include:

  • Improve your field sales productivity
  • Increase Meeting effectiveness
  • Create the best first impressions with customer
  • Effective product presentation results

Take A Glimpse Inside The Book

  1. “Close” is not far away
  2. Decide the process for each Mini Closure
  3. Your Mini Closures Are Not Yours
  4. Is It Closed? Ask The Customer!
  5. What Can Keep It Open?
  6. Close in Multiples
  7. Maintain a Closure Calendar
  8. What’s In It for the Customer?
  9. Help Them Buy
  10. Mark Future Closures
  11. Become an Expert at Pattern Recognition
  12. It is Okay to like the Closure, Just Don’t “Like” it

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